Dream and desire, for thousands of travelers  all over the world is to visit, just once in lifetime the country that gave birth to Hospitality. Greece, country of myth, of knowledge of culture.  Cradle of global ideas of freedom and  love in humans and of course nature, the country’s environment looks and indeed is ideal for escape from daily life.

Mountains, plains, lakes  and rivers, plateaus and canyons of infinite beauty, lacy beaches, islands truly gems of Jupiter’s crown, thrown into the warm hold of the azure Greek sea. The shimmering sea beneath the light shines of Apollo, the Greek ancient God. Apollo the Sun, bathes this country, whichis the cradle of Olympian Gods, – Xenius Zeus, Athina,  Aphrodite, Poseidon, Dionysus-, of  Nymphs and Nereid’s.

The country of philosophers but also ordinary people where everything, as environment, landscape, but as well monuments and all the human’s creations are conformed to meet human measures and standards, because  <pan metron  ariston>, meaning <the best is to average out in the middle>.

This great country, eternal ready to welcome every Traveler, host him in her warm arms, relax him, amuse him and through that unique ancient process of communion and souls’ fermentation, teach him how to live, think and eventually validate whole life in an eternal ideal way, harmonically adjusted  to the essence of our existence.


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Sail in outstanding Greek waters on a sailing boat or a motor yacht and live the most adventurous way of visiting the islands and mainland ports, the jewels of Greek seas. We point to you the finest solutions that meets your desires and budget at the same time.