Holidays-Advisors, has inspirer and creator Lambis Koutsouris. With higher degrees in Economy and Tourism and a term of several years in international cruise ships, in the positions of Chief Accountant and Director of Cruise, he has excellent knowledge and rich experience in tourism and management of vacation time and travel for business purposes within strictly stated Degree economic contexts.

With this perspective view of the object, was perfectly clear to him a dramatically change in the frame of modern man holiday. Now most people have limited vacation time. They are invited to organize their holidays within a limited time-money frame, wishing to take maximum benefit, enjoyment. The aim is to get the desire result without wasted time, nor their money. The problem almost always is that it is mostly impossible since the holiday place although is known as a destination, it remains unknown as to the conditions prevailing in it. So the result prescribed uncertain.

To avoid the candidate Traveler the waste of time and resources, the idea of establishing the Personal Holidays Advisor, (P.H.A.) was born. From the moment you contact us yours P.H.A. undertakes, – after coming into personal contact with you, by all available means and after ascertaining the wishes, preferences, requirements and your holidays financial status -, to study, design and propose alternative holiday scenarios, from which you choose what meets and covers yours desires and at the same time being economically correct.

Once you choose your holiday scenario, which will be according to your wishes our Team may cover the transportation to and from the place of your holidays, your stay, your transportation, renting on your behalf vehicles for personal leisure, arrange trips, and generally lay down for you any activity you choose to do during your holidays. Yours P.H.A. will stand by you during your holidays to make sure them shall be unique and pleasantly memorable to you.

With the passage of time and through cooperation with our c high-income customers, , realized the desire of many of them to invest in the field of Real Estate, on tourism in Greece. Therefore years ago a special Real Estate department for tourist investments in Greece, as well in bordering countries, was established within our Company,.

This department is staffed by highly professional specialized partners. Therefore we are capable to point out and actively support in the most professional manner, tourism and real estate investment opportunities in the tourism sector, in Greece and in neighboring countries. Our guiding principle here is to offer High Quality Services to our customers and to defend and promote their interests.

Here by, yοu are most of welcome to our website hoping you find interesting one o the proposals are exposed here for you.