<<PELEKITO>>                       Estate  64000m2.

The Estate that lay at the sea coast east of Kassiopi next to the sea channel. The Estate can be divided up  in 16 smaller. The options for construction are:

  1. 16 villas, 400m2 each.
  2. 12 villas, 500m2 each.
  3. 8 villas, 800m2 each.
  4. any other combination that leads at the same result of covered areas.

If Hotel is chosen to be built the building is permitted to cover approximately the half of the property.

Current asking price  3300000 € – used to be a lot more, at over 4000000 €. There is another estate, 20000m2, in the area and  asking price for that  is 3500000 €.