In this site we will offer investment opportunities in the tourism sector in Greece. You will find here villas. Hotels, traditional deserted settlements, land, estates for purchase, sale, renovation or construction,  on the purpose of commercial and business use.  You will find investment opportunities that lead to optimal value for cost.

In this direction we can take on your  behalf, the property hint, alternative proposals for their exploitation, the feasibility analysis, design, issuing any kind of license, the reconstruction and construction of any building, the completion of the investment, the processing of the paperwork and finally manage any tourist facility, the maintenance of the course and reselling or renting the Facility.



<Greekislandsconstructions> is a collaborator partner to us for several years. Their trustworthiness as well as their far well established enterprising Firm among related enterprises through out last decades, accomplished via constructing, built and rebuilt, resorts and villas on behalf of some of the greatest global celebrities, as they are shown on their website : .

That provide us the ability and pleasure to promote them to those of our Clients wish and aim to invest on real estate tourist business in Greece. There for we strongly promote a new idea to our fellow potential investors. Either to buy one resort or villa, on very tempting cost of value, within Greek State. Or put them selves in the construction procedure – buying the land and construct a new building of the kind – , in an excellent value for money. Then out of running those buildings as  resorts and villas for special guests one can gain a significant income out of it.

Us, we can assist our fellow potential Clients-Investors with strong support through all the steps one has to take to accomplish that kind of investment. We can  provide those are asked services of that kind on the highest grade level.

Consultancy on real estate business, construction procedure as well as maintenance and administrative services and of course rental propositions, are some of our strong assets. We consider all above high grade services are our contribution to the evolution in  the vacation business of the global tourist society.


Situated in the north-east part of Corfu island in Greece, there are three Estates ideal for Complexes’ construction, of the same standards to the above mentioned Rou Estate. Properties are disposed for sale and asked prices are very attractive.

Two of those located up on the surrounding hills of the gorgeous traditional village of Kassiopi. With an outstanding, spectacular widely open view  to the sea channel which flows between Corfiot and Albanian costs, seem to be there waiting for their new role. The third Estate located to the south of Kassiopi lays next to the sea channel with a long sea front.

When Complexes will be constructed can be sold either as a unit, or as separated estates. The alternative is the Complex to be disposed for rental. On the other hand on these Properties Hotel complex is  permitted to be built.

Here by is useful one to be informed about the cost of construction and the rental fees in the mentioned area in Corfu island. The cost of construction on villa standards  is 1500 – 2500€ per square meter. In addition the construction cost for outbuilding is 800 – 1100 euros per sq. met.

The rental fees for villas are: 400-500m2 villa,  approximately 20000 € per week. 200-250m2 villa, appr. 11000 € per week. 100-150m2 villa,  appr. 7000 € per week. Minimum accomplished  rental period is 10-12 weeks in summertime.

One can find specifications and images for the Three Estates bellow.


Estates Offered for purchase in Greece