<< Main Land – Araxos >> 800.000 m2


In Greece, south west of Athens, the capital, there is a Region called Peloponnese, the land of ancient King Pelopse. On this Land lays the ancient Olympia, where Olympic Games were born.

18 kilometers away to the direction of the outstanding beauty greek gulf, so called Kyparissia, lays the airport of Araxos which they are trying to enhance and encourage international flights into. Close to this airport there is an estate which encompasses the whole picturesque local bay and surrounding hills. The beach is incredible and is over 1km in length. The size of the Estate is 800.000 m2.

The great size makes the Estate most of suitable for the base of a Tourist Village. A small town with a residence capacity of 2000 tourists. Residency in villas, convention center, swimming pools, tavernas, bars, restaurants, spa therapy, shopping center, stadium, golf cort, horse ridding field and plenty of other facilities could be available on this resort.

Because of the proximity to Ancient Olympia the Complex could be focus on activities familiar to athletic events and sports, which will take place either on the Ancient Stadium, or in the stadium inside the Village, in the hippodromus, in the golf cort, on the beach, on the surrounding hills, e.t.c.

Asking price yet not fixed but it would be soon. Estimated price, circa 25.000 euros per strema (1000 m2).