<< Corfu Island – Lefkimi >> 50.000 m2


In the Ionian Sea, Greece, on the South of Corfu Island, lays an Estate, 50.000 sq.met., with a front on one of the most nice sandy beaches of the Island.

There is a thrill about the south, of island Corfu, written in Homeric Epic Poems. When legendary state of Atlantis exploded, five enormous spaceships, each one carried the knowledge of this fabulous civilization, as well outstanding and very progressed secret weapons, took of and travelled in five different directions. One of those landed and connected in the south part of Kerkyra Island and get stoned.

From that point as the north part already was called Kerkyra,  the south called Corfu, which name prevails through the next ages. Even in our days south Corfu is entirely different than the north one. Yet the Locals, north and south, are different in the face shape, in color and attitude.

Back to this Estate in this magnificent island. It is offered for purchase. It is suitable for a tourist complex, to based on. If a Hotel will be chosen circa  25.000 m2 can be covered. Alternative 16 villas of 400 m2, or 32 villas of 200 m2 each, or any other combination of the above all can be accomplished.

Asking price, 3.500.000 euros.